Opinion cooler is a series of self-portraits that reflect on the limits and the power of one’s perception
of truth.

Fascinated by online rage, I acknowledge through my essay “Why so Heated?” that the Internet produces loaded content as a way to keep us engaged.
In her opinion, we strangely slide to extremes as a way to defend a positive self-image. Recognizing the ambiguous, vulnerable humans behind the polished media that we create is, she believes, the first step towards a more peaceful digital life.

This series of self-portraits propose a visual translation of this conclusion. Intentionally contradictory, the photographs feature uncanny body shapes in playful cocoons. Through the variation of textures and compositions, these static ‘selfies’ celebrate the ever-changing nature of the self. Edited to the extreme,  the pictures curiously become more honest about their own un-real aspect.

Those intriguing portraits are a visual hook for the essay that is published both online and as a physical leaflet.

To read or download the text online,

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